Tuesday , 20 August 2019


The heavy duty concrete crusher/pulverizer is designed with extreme versatility in mind. It has an independent high-powered hydraulic cylinder/ram for exceptional crushing capability. The side structure is a large one-piece non-welded component with additional reinforcement constructed from high-grade tensile steel, essential for its intended heavy duty applications. The side structure plate also serves as a protection guard to the hydraulic cylinder/ram. Its ultimate rigidity and hours of dependable service is a field proven testament of its unique geometry.

The crusher incorporates a rebar cutter, always a welcome feature in concrete crushing and demolition work. The wide opening jaws designed with a high-powered hydraulic system is well-suited for the recycling of concrete slabs, walls, floor slabs, pre-cast structure, railings and the separation of concrete from rebar . The main crushing mechanism comes from the built-in hydraulic system, pure and simple, and it gets the job done smoothly.