Tuesday , 20 August 2019

Super Long Front

With our expertise in designing and manufacturing long reach booms, you can now maximize your ROI (Return on Investment) on your existing fleet of excavators. Hundreds of customers have realized the value of long reach attachments where standard booms fail to get the necessary job done. Our long reach boom can help you to achieve 50% more digging depth and forward reach over a standard boom, saving you valuable cost and time, and maximizing your bottom line. Only structural grade tensile steel is used in our boom and stick construction, and we design it with varying grades of tensile steel depending on the nature of the application. We supply long reach front packages for a wide range of excavator models, ranging from 10 -200 metric tons (22,000 Р488,400 lbs) operating weight.

Welding is done by robotic welding machine to ensure the highest attainable quality and consistency. Product design are accomplished by utilizing latest CAD software, simulated via advance Finite Element Analysis (FEA) tools, ensuring optimum design integrity.