Tuesday , 20 August 2019

Telescopic Dipper Arm

As the name suggests, a telescopic dipper arm is a highly specialized, purposed-built attachment with a sophisticated telescopic mechanism. Your investment value of a telescopic dipper is fully realized when excavation work needs to be carried out in an extreme confined space or picking up material from a pit where a long reach front attachment still deems to be too cumbersome.

Most commonly seen solutions in overcoming such challenging situations is to employ a crane fitted with a cable operated clamshell bucket. The cycle time of this crane solutions is extremely high as compared to a hydraulic operated telescopic dipper arm with a clamshell bucket front attachment. An ingenious implementation and integration of hydraulic system with cable and sheaves make up the key integral system in operating 2 sliding elements within the outer housing.

A telescopic dipper attachment for a 20 ton and 35 ton class excavator could enjoy up to 20 meter and 25 meter digging depth respectively if desired, and the beauty is, its only require very small working radius. If you are challenged by space and depth constraint at the work site, there is simply no other better option than counting on a telescopic dipper attachment.