Tuesday , 20 August 2019



The heavy duty concrete crusher/pulverizer is designed with extreme versatility in mind. It has an independent high-powered hydraulic cylinder/ram for exceptional crushing capability. The side structure is a large one-piece non-welded component with additional reinforcement constructed from high-grade tensile steel, essential for its intended heavy duty applications. The side structure plate also serves as a protection guard to the hydraulic …

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Fork Grapple

Fork Grapple is a relatively new design under the Grapple family. Although this design is not commonly seen outside the Asian market, however, it has been fast gaining popularity. The design was tweaked from a conventional grapple for material handling applications, light demolition, recycling and scrap industries. Its lightweight, 2-tine over 3-tine frame design provides extraordinary rapid grapping action, reducing cycle …

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The GP series heavy duty grapple is a reinforced box, 2-tine clamp over 3-tine frame design, ideal for rough, tough and general utility applications. This is a front end attachment designed for excavators to facilitate various applications, particularly ideal for rock handling, log grabbing, land clearing, stacking, piling, scrap handling, where applications require maximum clamping and prying force. The lugs’ design work …

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Super Long Front

With our expertise in designing and manufacturing long reach booms, you can now maximize your ROI (Return on Investment) on your existing fleet of excavators. Hundreds of customers have realized the value of long reach attachments where standard booms fail to get the necessary job done. Our long reach boom can help you to achieve 50% more digging depth and forward …

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Telescopic Dipper Arm

As the name suggests, a telescopic dipper arm is a highly specialized, purposed-built attachment with a sophisticated telescopic mechanism. Your investment value of a telescopic dipper is fully realized when excavation work needs to be carried out in an extreme confined space or picking up material from a pit where a long reach front attachment still deems to be too …

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High Reach Demolition

An ultra high reach demolition boom is a purpose-built attachment to elevate demolition tool in tearing down multi-story buildings. The beauty of the high reach demolition front is its ease of positioning and flexibility in manoeuvring of tool in carrying out primary and secondary demolition jobs safely. EIK demolition attachments are engineered for performance, reliability and low total cost of …

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